Rowyn Kellani

The lady with the lotus & dragon tattoo and pet felldrake.


A defiantly beautiful redhead with long curly hair and a tight, lithe body, she carries an aggressive presence. She is often seen with her exotic pet felldrake. Her clothes are trimmed up, often sleeveless formal wear, appropriate for the weather in Sasserine.



“So you’re Lavinia’s flunkies…” the woman eyes you, then boldly offers, “You’ve mad it down here, past my guards… those with your skills are rare. Why don’t you join the Lotus Dragons, and put them to good use?”

rowyn2EDIT.jpgThough she is only a member of House Kellani, a minor noble family in Sasserine, some clever maneuverings (convincing her lover Vanthus Vanderboren to raid the family vault, secretly running the Lotus Dragons guild, and opening trade and smuggling lanes with Farshore) have greatly inmproved her fortunes.

It didn’t take long though for some minor hurdles to bring it all crumbling down. Now, like her counterpart Lavinia Vanderboren, she is left broke and destitute by those who betrayed her.

She was last left in the clutches of a demonic Vanthus Vanderboren.

Rowyn Kellani

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