Lavinia Vanderboren

Head of the decimated Vanderboren family.


A beautiful blonde woman with sharp eyes and an attention-commanding presence, she carries herself as well as an noble, and twice a well as one from the pirate port city. She is a member of House Vanderboren, a formerly wealthy but minor noble house.


She recently became the Lady of the House due to her parents untimely death, inheriting her parents estate, and with it their debts and troubles.
She was betrayed by the Party of Scoundrels, a ragtag group of ne’er do wells she hired to track down her vagrant brother Vanthus Vanderboren. They ended up assisting in stealing the Vanderboren fortune and joining the group behind the theft, the Lotus Dragons.

Now, the last of the Vanderboren line in Sasserine, she remains destitute, having fallen into poverty. Rumor has it she has sold off all assets including the family manor to help pay off past debts.

Lavinia Vanderboren

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