Captain Jack Christ, Harbormaster

Not quite average but exactly as expected pirate captain.

… Acting quickly Jack Christ disguised himself as an orc and wandered down the path. Distracting his “fellow” orcs with an offering of rum, Kajn & Felina slinked up in tandem behind the orcs, dropping them quickly & quietly with killing blows. Noticing the arrow slits in the wall along the approach, the party snuck pirate-attackEDIT.jpgcarefully under the windows as the pirate strolled by unnoticed as an orc. His disguise was so effective and his orcish dialect so good he convinced the orc archers to open the mountain door for him. For their folly they were rewarded with the sharp end of the thieve’s weapons.

Experience: 3490/3000 (actually probably a lot more than this.)

Carefree as the wind, yet never failing in his duties aboard the ship. Or as stern as a strong wind and always bumbling his duties aboard the ship. Who knows, it depends on him. It depends on the night. Depends on how drunk he is. He looks like a pirate. He acts like a pirate. He smells like a pirate.

He’s probably a pirate.


“Fuck yer face, Fuckface! Where be tha beer ’n wenches?”

jack_christ_harbormasterEDIT.jpgValues drink & whores above all else. Gets along quite well with Doulph Zigimatear because of this. Recently he married Amastacia Islaran, gaining the title of Harbormaster and control of Sasserine’s Harbor District. Though he should call Islaran Manor home, he instead prefers to stay with the bulk of his followers in his Mountain Fortress south of Sasserine near Blisterwall.

For a short while before it disbanded, he was the self-appointed leader of the Lotus Dragons. Then he slowly withdrew his followers while Kajn withdrew his own overnight, in essence disbanding the guild. Jack ordered his men to the Mountain Fortress above the Forge of Fury.

Jack recently married into the Islaran family of Sasserine, promoting himself as head of the house and therefore new Harbormaster of Sasserine. This union was arranged by Lotus Dragon Guild Headmistress (and recently elected mayor of Farshore) Rowyn Kellani in order to establish Lotus Dragon control of the harbor and a monopoly on trade with the exotic goods only available on the Isle of Dread. As his first order of business, he called an emergency meeting of the Dawn Council and ordered the immediate recruiting of a fleet meant to reinforce Farshore from the inevitable Crimson Fleet pirate attack.

Instead, Captain Jack turned on the fleet and residents of Farshore, calling a parlay with the pirates led by a demonic Vanthus Vanderboren. He traded Rowyn and Farshore for the safety of his friends and fled before Vanthus could ignite another Shadow Pearl.

Declaring himself the new Guildmaster of the Lotus Dragons, he was immediately attacked by Kajn Necrosil, who was infuriated by a series of offenses culminating in this betrayal. After suffering a couple dagger woulds, Jack shattered a Pearl of Teleport and plane jumped back to to Sasserine.
Immediately he openly declared martial law on the harbor district and ordered the searching of every ship entering Sasserine for the assassins Kajn and Arcadian. He also increased harbor watch patrols and hired orc mercenaries to bolster his forces.

Currently he has withdrawn to his Mountain Fortress.

Captain Jack Christ, Harbormaster

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