A noble-born mage killing assassin.


Mage Killer Assassin (ECL4)
Rogue 2 / Metamagic BattleSorcerer 2 / Mage Killer ??

HP 26
AC ??
Fort +0 Ref +3 Will +3
Initiative +6 (Improved Initiative)
BaB +2

Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
Short Sword +1


“You Cast? Ha! The gods deem your mind and body so feeble you need their help.”

Ingo uses his unique set of skills and his status as a cover for his assignments. He uses his status as a cover for his assignments to infiltrate the social circles of powerful magi, often for the sole purpose of eliminating them. It’s unknown whether he does this for sport, in the service of Mystara’s Refusal, or a personal grudge against casters.

He way last seen employed by Rowyn Kellani in the colony of Farshore, but his fate following the pirate attack is unknown and presumed dead.


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