A barbarian from Icewind Dale.


A burly bearded human of about 6 feet. Quick temper and sometimes slow wit often lead him to resort to aggression, even when fighting is far from a sensible course of action. Perhaps the party would be best to not always listen to his plan of action. Though he often has one, and has no reserves in voicing it. Though his axe wielding, crush all things mentality isn’t his only defining quality. He is a friendly, loyal sort once you can get past his gruff exterior.


GHAAAARR!! (raging and wading in attacking)

Brother to Eirondell, and native to the barbaric tribes of Icewind Dale. Errondar spent his youth serving as an acolyte to the high shaman of his tribe, while his brother served in raiding parties. Over the years of tending to the wounds of his comrades, he’s developed a close kinship to the ideals of Tempos. Years have passed since his brother has taken to the life of adventuring. Long overdue for his sworn return, Errondar begins to worry about his long lost brother. Determined to discover the fate of Eirondell, Errondar sets off to Baldurs Gate with Tempos as his guide.

Years have passed since Errondars arrival in Baldurs Gate. With no solid leads as to the location of his brother, he’s taken to passing time by spreading the ideals of Tempos at every opportunity. It wasn’t long after meeting his companions that he had found a calling again. Sharing the ideal of free spirit with Felina, Jack, and Kain, the ideal of impulsive action with Arcadian, and the ideal of honor with the ronin Kamui, Errondar finds himself joining the fledgling thieves guild, biding his time until information reaches him of his brothers whereabouts.

With the Lotus Dragons in turmoil and still no sign of his brother, Errondar finds himself uncertain which direction to take. Having avoided the perils that befell the party as they traversed the isle of dread, opting instead to stay behind and look after the guild in their absence. Errondar has no mind for politics, only for friends and the battle to come. Only now he isn’t so certain who to call friend.


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