Dread Pirate Morrison, Admiral

The scourge of the Trackless Sea.


Dread Pirate Morrison
Dread Pirate Admiral
Male Human ??
Dread Pirate / ??
HP ??
AC ??
F/R/W ??

The bow of the ship breaks the fog, and the source of the eerie music becomes apparent. The captain stands on the deck, playing intently, unfazed by the roar of cannons & the crash of grapeshot ripping into the wood. As the ship nears broadside, the tune crescendos, and the musician stops abruptly. His eyes flare open, lit by flame, and his demonic crew pours onto your ship like a swarm of locusts.

A scourge of the Trackless Sea, it’s obvious from his expensive clothes & posture he is the master & commander of the ship. He wears a bicorne admiral’s hat, with elegant designs of demons & devils forming the trim. A magnificent captain’s coat covers an elegant, though battle-worn vest, and silk sashes hang from his neck, with pistols tied on each end. His dark black hair is touched with a streak of grey, yet looks… elegant, for as messy as it is, and hangs over his shoulders in long curls. His massive beard, just as evil as it is black, is not done justice by the legends; thick and full, combined with the smoke and blood pouring form it, it’s hard to tell if his demonic face is connected to his body.


It’s said he’s the spawn of an evil dragon or a clever demon. Willing to accept surrender and honor parlays, yet hopes for the opportunity to be absolutely ferocious in combat.

800px-Capture-of-BlackbeardEDIT.jpgThey say he has no fear, and as his inhuman crew prepare to board your ship, he plays a rousing evil tune from his violin. When it ends, he wades brutally into combat, always leading his men and reveling in the bloodshed. He fights engulfed in flames, spewing blood & smoke & fire, and even his minions are said to be demons, carrying flaming cutlasses. His evil rapier is rumored to hum a mesmerizing tune as he chops down enthralled enemies. He commands a small pirate fortress only accessible by a portal hidden in the Pirate Isles.

Dread Pirate Morrison, Admiral

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