A sorcerer with questionable intent.


“…This fellow was dressed pretty unusual for being in Shadowshore district. He wore cloth you might see on a nobleman, but not like a nobleman from Sasserine. Had a black cloak with a red lining and underneath that a fancy black shirt with all sorts of gold trim and embroideries. His features were of note, too. A tall man with pale skin; even more pale than a regular rich guy who doesn’t work in the sun much; Long black hair and a pointy goatee. This guy was a new face— and a suspicious one at that, but my suspicions were whisked away when I noticed his gaze fixed on me. See, when I realized he was looking for me, all I could see him as was a big sack of coin. The rich fellow needed something, and he probably knew I was the man to see about it.”

“…Then, a light came from somewhere momentarily; probably a lamp flaring up. For the first time, I saw his face up close and with detail. His skin almost seemed painted on. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Noble types like to paint their skin and whatnot—like to try and fake stuff. Maybe seem younger, or prettier, or maybe just trying to hide a boil. Anyway, what I should have paid more attention to was the feeling I got when I saw his face like that. Something about him was just wrong.”

“…His appearance changes from day to day. We observed him with black hair and a fair complexion, yet the next day his hair was ivory white and he seemed to have aged considerably. It was hard to believe he was the same person.”


Anibus seems unwilling to share his past with anyone.

In Sasserine, whispers of dark sorcery and abominable powers have been associated with the name Anibus, though the accuracy of these claims is uncertain. One rumor has Anibus seeking vengeance for a slain comrade. Some say it was a lover, others a master, and some even claim it is a demon.

For whatever reason, Anibus appears to be very interested in Morkot, and refuses to separate from him for long.


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