Party of Scoundrels

Into the Dwarven stronghold

Silence & sneaking win the day as the party slips into the dwarven fortress

High on adventure from their last bounty, the party decided to delve deeper hoping for a larger payout. Having heard the rumors of Durgeddin’s Vault, they were employed by one Baron Althon to retrieve what remains of Durgeddin’s famous arms. Felina tapped into her savings & purchased a carriage & a few horses, making the week long journey to the Stone Tooth that much more manageable.

Upon approaching the small town of Blasingdell, the party was introduced to the mayor, Sir Miles Berrick. He directed them towards Stone Tooth, and offered a bounty for proof of every orc slain.
Locating the Stone Tooth was not hard, the landmark sat atop a massive hill. The party travelled up the hillside trail, noting the tracks left by orc patrols. Finally reaching the peak of the hill and the base of the Stone Tooth, they followed the trail into the canyon below.

The canyon eventually sloped down to a hairpin bend, where the party spotted a couple orc sentries. Acting quickly, Jack Christ disguised himself as an orc, and wandered down the path. Distracting his “fellow” orcs with an offering of rum, Kain & Felina slinked up in tandem behind the orcs, dropping them quickly & quietly with killing blows. Noticing the arrow slits in the wall along the approach, the party snuck carefully under the windows as the pirate strolled by, unnoticed as an orc. His disguise was so effective, he convinced the orc archers to open the mountain door for him. For their folly, they were rewarded with the sharp end of the thieves weapons.

Inside the dwarven door, they decided to disguise the entire party as orcs. In front of them waited the endless darkness of a giant chasm, the slight sound of rushing water emanating from hundreds of feet below. Only a narrow, frayed rope bridge allowed them to cross, and Kamuai spotted two snarling orcs hiding on the other side. Once again, Jack Christ proceeded the party, distracting the orcs with a combination of wits, rum, & devilweed.
As the other members were crossing the bridge, Felina slipped, plummeting into the darkness. With the same blinding speed he draws his blade, the samurai darted his hand towards the falling thief, barely catching her by the fingertips, sparing her certain death from the fall.
They proceeded across the creaking rope bridge, catching the distracted orcs unaware. Jack Christ grumbled in his best attempt at orcish, “Beware, this rum will hit you,” as the party’s weapons came crashing down on the unsuspecting orcs.

Continuing into the dungeon, Kamui & Felina wandered past a dwarven statue – which promptly dropped its jaw & blasted a cloud of noxious gas in their faces, leaving them feeling ill & weak.
In the doorway beyond the statue, the party entered what appeared to be the orc barracks, a large room with bunks & a group of orcs resting & eating. Quickly, with the rogues sneaking through the darkness to flank the orcs, the rest of the party approached the group, and Jack Crist lit a sunrod, blinding & stunning the orcs. Errandor slammed his axe through one of the orcs, pinning him against the wall. The leader of the orcs chucked a couple axes at the party, both missing their mark, and charged at Jack Christ. Kamui’s blade met him across the waist, and only half the orc made it to the pirate.


There is somerhing very rewarding about the creativity of this recap. Thank you kindly for thos. Let’s keep the momentum going ye scallywags.

Into the Dwarven stronghold

Wow, I sound drunk. Hooray for phone keyboards.

Into the Dwarven stronghold
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