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Party of Scoundrels

pirates_resting.jpgSitting in the basement of the Plucked Parrot Inn (now the Sailor’s Grave), it all seems as if it’s meant to be. A bartender trying to keep his struggling tavern running in the shadiest part of Sasserine, the Shadowshore District. Common thieves, dishonored samurai, a violent barbarian, pirates, and a dark twisted mage (or cleric or whatever he is he enjoys the company of the dead) seeking refuge from… who knows what demons lie in their past. He provided that refuge, and they provided alternate streams of revenue. This seems like the common place such uncommon folk call home. By now, they barely remember how they all met in the past, where they came from, or how they got here, lost in the bustle of this port city metropolis… or do they choose to forget?


The scoundrels in the basement…

  • Kajn Necrosil, a quiet, skittish human thief from Thay, his skills are an asset to the party, weighed against only his “friends” concern for their pockets around him.
  • Jack Christ, a wreckless pirate from waters unknown, his trail of destruction is matched only by the boundless luck that consistently pulls his ass out of such shenanigans.
  • Felina, a clever & cautious rogue, she is more than capable in combat and her vicious exterior hides the care & concern she has for her party.
  • Kamui, a wandering ronin who seeks to regain his honor, and may have fallen in with the wrong people to do so.
  • Errondar, a brutal, short-tempered, god-fearing barbarian.
  • Doulph Zigimatear, an aging but rambunctious halfling pirate captain, fatally underestimated by many adversaries.
  • Arcadian Korren, a clumsy but lovable & loyal elven archer. His accuracy is matched only by his uncanny ability to critically miss at the most inopportune times.

And Ingo, who’s true patronage is unknown.

The barkeep welcomed them to the basement quarters in exchange for a cut of the proceeds and protection. There they were able to store a hoard of gold and platinum totaling tens of thousands pieces, all protected by Hoardmaster, the artifact they’d retrieved from Gorgoldand’s Gauntlet, a smalll vault they’d raided. But there was no one to protect the barkeep from the Party of Scoundrels living in his basement. . .

. . . it wasn’t enough. What happened That Night at the Plucked Parrot Inn?

Fleeing the heat, the party was ordered byRowyn to conduct a semi-suicide mission: Guide a ship of immigrants sailing south thousands of miles to the colony of Farshore. Once there, they would establish the Lotus Dragons in the colony, gaining exclusive trade rights on many exotic goods from the isle.

According to a pirate they’d captured, tortured,a nd killed, they should only need to defend the now prosperous stronghold city from the Crimson Fleet. They failed, losing the town to the fleet and returning to Sasserine shattered and penniless.


Party of Scoundrels

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