Lotus Dragons

Amid the myriad of gangs starting, growing, and often dieing out, the emerging Lotus Dragons can boldly say they have become the top of the pyramid (for the time being. These things can change on a whim in Sasserine). Boasting scores of connections throughout Sasserine (and now rumored to have expanded overseas), they also have plenty of muscle and money to back their operations. Currently they even have a small pirate fleet. They have perfected a method of extracting venom from sea urchins they breed in the Lotus Dragon Guildhall.

The Lotus Dragon thieves guild is led in secret by Rowyn Kellani, a beautiful, dangerous, and ambitious noblewoman who hopes to seize control of harbor and sea trade through acts of terror & mayhem. Her guild is heavily funded by her family, and more recently, the Vanderboren family via Vanthus Vanderboren.

All Lotus Dragon members bear a tattoo on the shoulder of a dragon wrapped around a lotus flower. The Lotus Dragons Guildhall is an extensive underground complex in Sunrise District, at the junction of Crown Street, Monkey Street, & Water Street, under a plaza known as Dead Dog Alley. It’s estimated currently there are about 35-45 members of the guild, not including the Guildmistress Rowyn, Vanthus, and the guild’s master of torture, Kersh Reftun.

More recently with the fall of Guildmistress Rowyn Kellani, the Lotus Dragons have faltered. Kajn Necrosil withdrew his loyalist members, fleeing to Cauldron. Jack Christ withdrew his loyalist members to his mountain fortress, leaving any remaining leaderless members to disperse. The Taxidermy Guildhall was shut down and reopened as Doulph Zigimatear’s bar, with only minor tunnels of the former guildhall used for smuggling.

Lotus Dragons

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