House Islaran

Head of the House: Jack Christ
Heir: Amastacia Islaran-Christ
Other Members: Keltar Islaran (DECEASED); Aaron Islaran (MISSING); Alyssa Islaran (MISSING); Amastacia Islaran-Christ (daughter); XXXX Islaran (daughter); XXXX Islaran (daughter); XXXX Islaran (son);

The Islarans have handed down the post of Harbormaster from one patriarch to the next to the next for generations. Now that time has come to an end.

The current lord of the manor is Jack Christ, having married the eldest daughter Amastacia Islaran. The former head of the house Keltar Islaran was a tired old man who expected to hand over the title of harbormaster to his eldest son Aaron in a few years. Unfortunately for the family, both Aaron, and Keltar’s favorite daughter Alyssa vanished a few years ago, leaving him with only three socialite daughters more interested in marrying into other families and a son who’s deathly afraid of the water.

Recently Jack Christ married the eldest daughter Amastacia Islaran, solidifying himself as head of the Islaran family and official Harbormaster of Sasserine. He has hired orcs mercenaries to patrol his manor (where he’s rarely been seen) and declared martial law on the Harbor District, violently searching every ship coming into the harbor.

House Islaran

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