A solid gold longsword, the hilt is a carved dragon head with a rubies set in each eye.

weapon (melee)

+1 Longsword

Detect coins 1x per day
Can create a Coin Dragon if placed within a pile of loose coins & gems.

The sword gleams, gold from tip to tip. The hilt is curved and fashioned like dragon talons, and the pommel is shaped like dual dragon heads with red rubies set in the eyes.


The origin of such a weapon is unknown, but the need for such items is one of necessity. One can assume it was crafted by a wizard due to the magic it possesses. Or maybe it’s inhabited by the soul of a dragon? One can only guess.

Triggered anytime someone not attuned to the weapon approaches it at rest in a pile of coins and gems, it turns any hoard of treasure into a devastating construct, the Coin Dragon.

Currently, the sword is in the possession of the wizard Rochefogne, received as a payment from Kajn Necrosil.


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