Vanthus Vanderboren

Younger sibling and betrayer of the Vanderboren family.


He used to be a handsome young man with a short beard and a seemingly never ending scowl. He has a reputation around the port city for he seems to enjoy the decadent lifestyle of a noble family of Sasserine, indulging in vices such as the Featherwhisper Bathhouse, gambling in the Champion District Arena, and others.

Now however, he has taken on another look. After ditching Rowyn Kellani, he was picked up by the pirates of the Crimson Fleet. He quickly worked his way up to Commodore, but not without paying his dues. The next time he was spotted, eventually leading the pirate attack on Farshore, he had taken on the features of a demon: glowing eyes, fangs, horns and even wings. More disheartening, he seemed to relish in the new found changes.



Originally, Lavinia Vanderboren requested that the party seek out Vanthus and learn his whereabouts. They learned that he betrayed his own family once he got involved with Rowyn Kellani, the secret leader of the Lotus Dragons. He murdered his own parents, setting their boat on fire in Sasserine Harbor after raiding the family vaults.
Some time thereafter he betrayed Rowyn, stealing some of her ships and goods on the way to Kraken’s Cove. He was sent with a couple ships on a mission to rob the pirates of Kraken’s Cove and ended up embezzling some gold and keeping the ships. He was thought lost during a storm but instead was working for the pirates. Eventually he betrayed them; he was thought lost in a storm only to resurface as Commodore of a fleet of ships fielded by the Crimson Fleet.

Leading the pirate attack on Farshore, he bartered with the conniving pirate Jack Christ to secure the capture Rowyn Kellani, apparently still holding a grudge. He detonated a Shadow Pearl in Farshore, doing untold damage to the city and any remaining, surviving inhabitants.

Vanthus Vanderboren

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