Ser Eein Rogarvia, The Ruby Knight of Shadowshore

A cold but quite skilled knight.


Armored to the teeth and beyond with custom full plate armor as black as night and trimmed with gold, a red cloak bearing his uncommon and unrecognizable family crest draped over his left shoulder hangs to the knees.

His intimidating size is matched by his equally intimidating personal weapon. A massive great sword standing almost as tall as him, at six feet long. The massive sword is even darker black than his armor, absent of color and some say absent of light. It’s nearly mirrored surface and razor edges look as if it were carved from obsidian with perfectly strait lines.


Eein speaks little of his past, and most who know of it do not recognize who he is today. Framed for a terrible crime, Eein fled his homeland across the ocean for Sasserine. The most commonly known thing about Ser Eein is his ability to make other well trained warriors look as children in battle. He is incredibly resourceful, faster than anyone coated in full plate should be, and more skilled with magic than most journeyman mages. Recently Eein answered the call Sasserine put forth in the Champion District for able bodied soldiers to fight against the rebellion in Cauldron. After displaying unmatched talent amongst the men of the arena, word spread around Sasserine of his abilities and soon he was flanked by women and bards alike.

Once after displaying his abilities for Sasserine officials by facing four men, vicious criminals and ex soldiers or pirates (he cut down all four, three of them with one massive swing) , the city official asked “Just who the hell are you?”.
Before Eein could reply a traveling bard clad in blue from head to toe leapt from the stands and spoke for him.
“When common people speak that common turn of phrase,
always there is one faster stronger better than you…
They speak of the Ruby Knight of Shadowshore,
And the countless beasts and men he slew…”

Eein was given command a host numbering over one hundred and fifty men-at-arms without speaking a word.


Ser Eein Rogarvia, The Ruby Knight of Shadowshore

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