A clever and conniving wizard.


A tall and lanky Elf with short cropped red hair. Prefers his robes loose and extravagant, just like his women.

A severe lack of sincerity sometimes plagues Rochefogne in his adventures. Perhaps it’s the constant inebriation stemming from his addiction to alcohol, or maybe it is the swelling confidence in the arcane arts he has spent so much time trying to master. Perhaps a bit of both. Regardless, he is quick to make jokes at his companions expense, even as they find themselves in peril , and is somewhat slow to react seriously to any situation.


Hailing from the Cold reaches of Luskan, just south of the Spine of the World, where he spent his youth with Lia and Learic, fellow elven mages. Together they studied and trained very intensively. Determined to increase his lot in life, as opposed to a lifetime of serving under the mages circle at Luskan. Other mages whom, aside from his companions, he felt were lacking drive and focus, and would struggle at even the simplest of cantrips. Now in collaboration with his childhood friends, sets out across the sea to Sasserine. After some dangerous and barely successful adventures on the Isle of Dread, he Is currently constructing a Wizard Tower. For what ends, only time will tell.

Current owner of the minor artifact Hoardmaster.


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