Kersh Reftun

Former Torturemaster / Interrogator for the Lotus Dragons.


Kersh Reftun
Master Torturer / Chief Interrogator
Male Human
(ECL 3)
Rogue 1 / Fighter 2
HP 20
AC 17
F/R/W 4/4/1

A muscular man with dark stubble on his chin and short greasy hair. His eyes are pale & watery, and a Lotus Dragon tattoo graces one shoulder. His knuckles are badly scarred, testament to the use to which he often puts them.


Kersh is a crude, foul mouthed racist with little time for dwarves, halflings, or gnomes, although he does his best to hide his baser qualities when around the Guild Headmistress.

He was last seen escaping during the chaos of the coup between Kajn Necrosil and Jack Christ after the Crimson Fleet pirate attack on Farshore.

Kersh Reftun

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