Ninja. Just another ninja.


Ref save:10
Fort save:6
Will save:6
BaB :5
Weapons: 2 Ninja-to, A pair of Bagh Naghk.


Kenji is Shinobi, and like all Shinobi he strives to carry out the whim of his masters, which in his case family. He has trained with the knowledge of the phoenix clan and crane clan he proves to be a spiritually balanced man that fortifies his life with the elements of KI. He has also trained with the scorpion clan ninja giving him the tools he needs to be the reaper of the shadows. He comes from the unapproachable east to carry out a family whim to help his kin in need, but giving the name of this kin allows him to pursue his own agenda to finally surpass his cousin Kamui in strength. Thats the reason why he has trained in the way of the ninja to prove to Kamui that strength lies within skill not the heart, but Kenji MUST tread fast cause he knows that his other kin have caught on to his plot and are tracking him as we speak. Can Kenji make it in time to teach his cousin a lesson or will he be interrupted by his fellow kin?

Kenji as a child was fond of animals, was the only escape from rigerous shinobi training.
But being a spiritfolk of the sea he could not communicate with any animals like the rest of his kin. This burdened his psyche for his cousin Kamui could effortlessly speak with them, befriend, and spend most of his life around them. He never had to train as hard as Kenji for there was no rest for him in the early stages of his life no childhood of his own, his only answer of comfort was to tease and try to bully Kamui and prove him to be the rightful example of a true warrior.

“Skill and power is what drives a person its the only way to survive.”
But either though he beat that into Kamui’s head Kamui would shrug it off and with a smile Kamui would reply “A true warrior fights from the heart, for only with heart can you judge true strength.”


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