Darius Draktus ibn Emil, Ambassador

A skilled duelist and heir to House Dracktus.


D’arius Draktus ibn Emil
Elite Aristocrat Ambassador
Male Human (Silverbrow)
(ECL 16)
Bard 3 / Marshal 4 / Duelist 3 / Dread Pirate 6
HP 224/176
AC 40 T/28 FF/23
F/R/W 15/21/15
Myth-Weavers Character Sheet

He has thick, full dark black hair with a small silver streak in it, probably from the stresses of the high life. It’s pulled back into a renaissance style ponytail tied with elegance. He is clean shaven, save for a ‘5 o’clock shadow’. Always smirking as if he’s up to something, he demands to wear his rapier at all times (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary), much to the disdain of the council’s and courts he attends. However, he ALWAYS conceals his main gauche on his person. dariusfinallyEDIT2.jpgHe wears clothes to fit the part (also of renaissance styling), including expensive jewelry bordering on gaudy (often producing magic fields to protect from mind affecting effects) and a flamboyant cloak that was a gift received during his duties as a Foreign Ambassador for Sasserine. He is quite aloof despite his duties, and never seems to take anything too seriously… especially setbacks.


The noble rests his gloved hand elegantly on the hilt of a mastercrafted rapier. “A man must be ready to defend himself and his honor at any moment.”

I5YxpjMEDIT2.jpgA skilled duelist, he is the heir to House Dracktus, supposedly the son of Emil Dracktus and a likely deceased member of the previous owners (his mother’s fate is currently unknown). He owns the Featherwhisper Bathhouse, the largest bathhouse / brothel in Sasserine, located in the merchant district and catering to the upper echelon of Sasserine’s citizens. However, that is not his chosen career; he is a foreign ambassador for Sasserine. Following the fall of the pirate kings, someone was needed to facilitate the flow of coin back into the city. Filling a void, the Dracktus family stepped up, brokering investments, opening trade routes, and some say, cutting deals with pirates. He’s currently engaged to one of Harbormaster Islaran’s daughters, and is by all accounts loyal to her. In fact, though she grows on him, he is quite discreet about his indiscretions, always a mind for the whispers of other nobles. It began as a marriage of convenience (mostly for the Dracktus family’s acquisition of the harbor), but with D’arius constantly away on official business, there’s no telling where it may (or may not) go…

Darius Draktus ibn Emil, Ambassador

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