Captain Harliss Javell

Bold and beautiful Crimson Fleet pirate captain.


You first saw her in the corner of a cave in Kraken’s Cove, using her considerable skills and an overturned table for cover as she fended off half a dozen savage tide infected pirates, and she did it with commanding style. Over a dozen more of the infected pirates lay dead in heaps on the ground.
Harliss is a bold beauty with raven-black hair that flows like the deepest shades of midnight against her deeply suntanned skin. She wears tight leather armor studded with fire opals and pearls and wields a sharp, curved rapier and a dagger in a blinding display of superior swordplay.


“Oi! Get in the fight ’er stay outta me way, buckos!”

She is a high ranking pirate captain in the Crimson Fleet’s northern fleet, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Once she joined the ranks she catapulted towards the top and hasn’t stopped climbing since. What she did before then or how she came to be are practically unknown, even among the men who follow her.

On the day you met her, she was ordered to make a delivery to Sasserine that turned out to include a Shadow Pearl. During a rendezvous with the buyer in Kraken’s Cove, a Lotus Dragons agent named Vanthus Vanderboren attempted a double-cross that resulted in the pearl detonating. Harliss contracted Savage Fever but resisted the effects. However, her ship was destroyed and most of her crew devolved into monsters.

After accepting explanations that the Lotus Dragons, not Lavinia Vanderboren was not responsible for her brother’s betrayal, she explained what had occurred in the cove and warned of her first mate’s impending attack on Vanderboren Manor in Sasserine.

Harliss has a 10000gp reward on her head in Sasserine for piracy. As most of her activities are in the north, she was not spotted at and likely not involved in the fall of Farshore. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Captain Harliss Javell

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