Party of Scoundrels

Tides of Dread (Part I)

Savage Tide AP Part V

The colony of Farshore has survived on its own for years, a secluded and struggling hamlet perched on the western shore or the tiny island or Temute. An island dwarfed by the savage landscape across a narrow channel to the north, a landscape of rugged mountains, tangled jungles, and trackless swamps. This is the Isle of Dread, and its resources and hidden treasures are matched only by its peril. Yet for all these dangers, what may bring doom to Farshore is not an invasion of inhuman monsters from the mainland, but an invasion of all-too-human monsters from across the sea.

The Heroes arrive at Farshore to discover it under attack by pirates. After aiding the colony’s defense, the Heroes are reunited with Lavinia Vanderboren. She tells them of her own troubles at sea, and of the new problem facing the colony. A pirate captured during the attack reveals that he and his mates were merely scouts. The Crimson Fleet knows of the colony’s location, and in approximately two months, they will arrive in force to take what they can and bum the rest.

Before this event, the Heroes are called upon to do what they can to prepare Farshore for the attack. Some of these tasks can he handled quickly and locally, but the most important missions take the Heroes onto the mainland of the Isle of Dread, where they’ll need to forge alliances with native peoples, secure access to natural resources, recover and repair the Sea Wyvern, and even face down the physical manifestation of an ancient Olman god.

When the Crimson Fleet arrives, the heroes’ accomplishments will be the determining factor in the ensuing battle… or will they neglect to negate the biggest factor of all. . .


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