Party of Scoundrels

The Bullywug Gambit

The Scoundrels brave the Savage Tide. . .


Fortunately for Vanthus Vanderboren, lack of ambition has never been a problem. Now the Vanderborens’ prodigal son slinks east along the coast to Blood Bay, lured by rumors of an incredible prize kept in a smuggler’s hideout called Kraken’s Cove. Yet what he is destined to find there is far more than a lucrative bit of banditry. What awaits him is the Savage Tide.

Unbeknownst to Lavinia Vanderboren she has been betrayed, but the scoundrels are still seeking Vanthus for their new employer, Guildmistress Rowyn Kellani. “Borrowing” the Blue Nixie and spurred on by discoveries made after joining the Lotus Dragons, the heroes seek out Kraken’s Cove nestled within the scarlet reaches of Blood Bay. savagepirate.jpg Expecting to find a secret pirate hideout, the heroes instead discover the place in the grips of utter bedlam. Arriving shortly after Vanthus releases the Savage Tide, the heroes must contend with savage flesh-eating pirates. To make matters worse, this particular crew was transporting dangerous and exotic creatures in the holds of their ships, and now their deadly cargo, infected by the Abyssal energies of the Tide, had escaped. Mutated man and deformed beast alike haunted the cove’s twisting passageways as the party navigate the caverns of Kraken’s Cove while enduring an onslaught of savage enemies.

Eventually, in the darkest depths they encounter Captain Harliss Javell, one of the few pirates to survive the Savage Tide intact. Impressed with her combat prowess, the party parlays and learns that she sent her first mate and a band of frog-like bullywug conscripts into Sasserine to extract revenge for Vanthus at the Vanderboren Manor, erroneously assuming the cowardly man fled there from Kraken’s Cove. wormfallfestival.jpg The party races back to Vanderboren Manor to save their presumed patron from suffering at the slimy hands of bullywug mercenaries.

To their surprise, in order to reach the manor the heroes must first navigate a city in the throes of a wild celebration. Parades and revelry reign in the streets, and the heroes must wind their way through the wild throng to Vanderboren Manor. The heroes reach Vanderboren Manor with little time to lose. Inside, Drevoraz Kabran, Captain Harliss Javell’s first mate, had captured Lavinia and her household.

“Stopping” the pirates with a parlay (but really just giving them a secret command from their new ally to stand down), the party pretended to “free” Lavinia, further earning the naive noble’s trust.


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